In our salads we use Greek extra virgin olive oil


Rocket leaves, lettuce hearts, romaine lettuce, peeled tomatoes, olives, carrot, cucumber, pickled peppers, dill, spring onion, olive oil & vinegar dressing


Green salad, smoked trout fillet, cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumber, rocket leaves, Florina peppers, mustard & lemon vinaigrette

Constantinople Cabbage Salad

Cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, olives, spring onion, Florina peppers, capers & pickled peppers

Boiled vegetables

"Horiatiki" Greek salad

Tomato, green pepper, onion, cucumber, capers, feta cheese & olive oil

Double tomato

With fleur de sel, olive oil & oregano

Almira or stamnagathi

Boiled seasonal greens

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes with xynomyzithra cheese

With sour cream, fleur de sel & balsamic vinegar



Greek Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheeses: Feta & Talagani

Dolmadakia gialantzi

Vine leaves stuffed with rice & zesty yogurt sauce

Split peas

With spring onion & chives

Feta cheese

With olive oil & oregano

Grilled feta cheese

With tomato, sweet & hot peppers

Eggplant salad

With smoked eggplant, Florina peppers, garlic, olive oil & vinegar

"Taramosalata" fish roe dip

"Tirokafteri" spicy cheese dip

Garlic dip

French fries


Rusk topped with tomato dices, xynomyzithra cheese, oregano & olive oil

Grilled talagani cheese

With pear & onion chutney

Grilled bread

With olive oil, oregano & coarse salt

Extra virgin olive oil 100ml

Marinated - Salted

Marinated anchovies (100gr.)

In white wine vinegar with garlic, rosemary & pink pepper

Smoked mackerel (100gr.)

With cucumber dices, Florina peppers & fresh herbs

Smoked eel fillet (100gr.)

With black lentil salad, Florina peppers & fresh herbs

Smoked trout (100gr.)

With tomato dices, onion, basil & olive oil

Marinated sea bass (250gr.)

In coarse salt & fresh lemon juice, served with baby rocket leaves,
radish & chicory

The indicated portions (gr) refer to gross product


Steamed cod (300gr.)

With fish broth, fresh herbs, olive oil, lemon, hot pepper puree & garlic

Steamed anchovy fillets (300gr.)

With herbs, lemon & hot pepper

Sardine fillets in tomato sauce (300gr.)

With tomato sauce, fresh oregano, hot pepper puree & olive oil

Mussels saganaki (400gr.)

With mustard, hot pepper, garlic, feta cheese & fresh oregano

Shrimp saganaki (250gr.)

With ouzo, fresh tomato sauce, feta cheese & herbs

Steamed mussels (500 gr.)

With white wine, lemon, garlic & fresh herbs

Cockles (300 gr.)

Smooth Clams (300 gr.)

Sea urchin salad (seasonal)

The indicated portions (gr) refer to gross product

Fish Soup

Veloute Fish Soup

Fish fillet, potato, carrot, fennel, onion & herbs


Squid (250gr.)

Grilled or fried

Cuttlefish (300gr.)

Grilled or fried

Shortfin squid (330gr.)

Grilled or fried

Octopus (300gr.)

Shrimps (250gr.)


Symi tiny shrimps (160gr.)

Trawl net small shrimps (160gr.)

Crayfish (250gr.)


The indicated portions (gr) refer to gross product

Fresh Fish

Bogue fillet (250gr.)

Grilled or fried

Anchovy fillet (300gr.)


Sardine fillets (300gr.)

Grilled, with tomato dices, olive oil & lemon dressing

Blunt-snouted mullet (250gr.)

Grilled or fried

Red mullet (250gr.)

Grilled or fried

Cod (300gr.)

Grilled or fried

Salmon skewer (280gr.)

Sea bass fillet (500gr.)


Fish of the day (kg)

The indicated portions (gr) refer to gross product


Shrimp orzo (250gr.)

With fresh tomato sauce, herbs & fresh butter

Crayfish orzo (250gr.)

With fresh tomato sauce, herbs & parmesan cheese

Mussel orzo (400gr.)

With fresh tomato sauce, herbs & fresh butter

Crayfish pappardelle (250gr.)

With fresh tomato sauce, herbs & fresh butter

Seafood Linguine (250gr.)

With herbs, mussels, cockles and shrimps

The indicated portions (gr) refer to gross product


Panna Cotta

Semolina pudding

Mosaic cake

Ice cream (scoop)

Seasonal fruits (for 2 people)