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Quality Fish for All
Quality Fish
for All

"Quality Fish for All" is our philosophy for the BARBOUNAKI BY PAPAIOANNOU restaurant brand. For authentic seafood at an affordable price, "sail" to the closest BARBOUNAKI restaurant, and enjoy the authentic flavours and aromas of Greece through the masterful dishes of Giorgos Papaioannou and his team.

Today, in cooperation with Restaurateur Dimos Stasinopoulos, the BARBOUNAKI concept is thriving in various locations in Greece.

“Barbounaki” means little red mullet in Greek


At BARBOUNAKI BY PAPAIOANNOU, guests enjoy a wide array of selected fish and seafood dishes with a smaller selection of larger fish that are available depending on the day and season.

BARBOUNAKI BY PAPAIOANNOU is a casual restaurant chain that accomplishes to serve high quality dishes no matter the destination. The ambience is uncomplicated and relaxed, whilst decoration approaches a more simplistic fisherman’s style.